Success Stories

Within the Children’s Psychiatric Ward, we provide recreational, artistic, musical and sports activities to go hand in hand with their medical therapy.

We have successfully built a safe and secure space where the hospitalised children can play ball, skateboard or cycle. It also includes a music initiation area.

Another example is the creation of an arts studio “Arts Plastiques”. Pottery and painting are among the favourite activities of the young patients.


Here are some photos of our projects…

Before :

After :

  • Our main objective, as always, is to provide the necessary support to psychologically and deeply destressed children. With this in mind, in October 2017, the Board decided to fund 50% of the salaries of an assistant, and a psychiatrist for 2 years. The other 50% is being funded by the Clinic’s Doctors. We continue to provide funding for all the activities that ultimately help the children to return to their normal lives.
  • An emergency children’s psychiatric room is now available 24×7. This is an incredibly costly project which has meant we have had to seek a private sponsor, as we do not receive any public funding.

To enable us to achieve these projects we have a number of revenue streams: private donations, proceeds from our second-hand clothes store, Christmas and Easter Markets, and an annual concert. Elsewhere, we receive support from other charitable associations including the Foundation King Baudouin and Foundation Queen Paola. Both actively monitor our projects.